Why You Should Stop Dwelling On Past Mistakes And Move On

We have all made big mistakes and failed in one way or another, the difference between people though is in how they deal with these failures and allow them to affect their lives. Unfortunately, a very low percentage of people are able to learn from their mistakes in a positive way and move on with their lives, never letting the thoughts of failure dwell in their minds. These are the type of people who make the great breakthroughs in science, religion and technology. People like Thomas Edison who failed over 2000 times before finally finding the right component for the first incandescent light bulb, or the Wright brothers who also failed on countless occasions.

The rest of us, stutter through life because we allow our mistakes to walk with us, as companions that drag us down and hold us back from enjoying the adventure that is life. Every time we relive mistakes and failures, we are reinforcing the problem, embedding a fear and failure mentality into our subconscious mind. Every time we talk negatively to and about ourselves, we are programming our subconscious mind to develop us into the very thing that we despise; failure, fear, weakness and procrastination. A deadly combination of negativity that stifles us and turns us into negative and fearful people.

It is natural to feel bad about a situation that didn’t go so well or a failure; and you should allow yourself some time to feel so. However, just don’t dwell on the negativity of it for too long, because all you are doing is reliving the experience over and over again. We learn things through repetition, and so imagine if you are constantly complaining and thinking negatively. What are you going to learn? Exactly, you are going to learn to be a miserable person who no-one wants to be around.

So starting from now, whenever you experience failure, make a mistake or someone hurts you, learn from it. Look for the lesson in it, and apply it to your life. Once you have learned the lesson, those situations won’t bother you anymore because you know how to deal with them. Focus on the solution, not the problem. Look at this equation:

Problem arises + focus on the problem + repetition of problem thought= Sadness, misery, fear of failure, procrastination, excuse mentality

Now look at this equation:

Problem arises + seeking of a solution + learning from the mistake/situation= Growth and strengthening of ones mind. One becomes wise and unafraid of trying new things.

Which do you prefer? Then stop letting negative thoughts linger. Don’t try to stop them. Just replace them, do something else instead of thinking of them, anything to distract yourself from those limiting thoughts.