Why It Is Important to Believe in Yourself

If you don’t believe in yourself, who will?

Believing in yourself lets you gain confidence that others may not have in you otherwise. People are naturally attracted to others with a strong self of themselves in friendships, relationships, family and jobs. Those who don’t have a confident personality eventually tend to drag others down unintentionally because it’s difficult to be around a person who constantly has a gray cloud hanging over their head.

If you don’t have self confidence in yourself right now, make the choice to gain it right now. That’s all it takes to take a step forward, a choice. This choice to believe in yourself end up causing a domino effect and spills over into all facets of who you are. Now, make a list. What makes you great? Everyone is different, so when making your list, make a list about you. If you have trouble making this list and find yourself wishing you more like so-and-so, make a list of the attributes of that person, but don’t become someone you are not.

Once you have your list, make the choice to get started on that list. Set a goal every week. Work on that goal so that your new found confidence oozes through your pores so that other people will believe in too. It’s important to practice being confident. Once you are comfortable with that more confident you, other people need to believe it as well. Once other people believe you are this new person, the goals that you never thought were attainable all of a sudden seem much closer and within reach. That relationship you thought was going to fall apart all of a sudden seems like it’s going to survive. Those friends you thought you were going to lose suddenly come around more often.

Your new confidence can be communicated to other people through words as well as through non-verbal gestures. In an interview for that job you know you are perfect for, the interviewer is paying attention to what you don’t say as much as to what you do say. Good posture alone shows that you are a go-getter and are not lazy. Sitting up straight and close to the edge of your seat shows that you are ready to get started now.

Now that you have gained your self confidence back, there will still be mountains that you have to get over, but those mountains won’t seem as high anymore. You will find that the climb over them won’t take as long and won’t be as painful as they use to be. If you ever need reassurance, take a look at the list that you created and remember what you have already accomplished.