The Power

Nothing is quite as heavy as a word to which people ascribe profound and potent meanings. Rhonda Byrne, like she did with “The Secret,” uses loaded words in “The Power” to express fundamental truths in a simple, rich and rewarding way. Words like power and love point to a transcendent reality – a reality you bridge living your everyday life.

In “The Power” Rhonda reveals the essence of life; the incomprehensible, but personal and intimately knowable force that governs every process and every being. That force is accessible to you and to everyone. You use it routinely and often unwittingly. It brings to you the circumstances and experiences of life. You use the power to bring trial and triumph. You can stop using it to bring pain. It is ready, willing and able to come to your aid. If you choose, you can use the power to fashion only conditions for a magnificent, full and fulfilling journey.

Rhonda uses the words power and love and force to overcome the baggage attached to more tradition-bound words. In contemporary or enlightened scientific parlance one might use the word energy to describe the indescribable, permeable, but immanent material substance of this reality. Whether we use power or love or force or energy or God the truth is the same. We humble human beings have access to creative power beyond our comprehension. You don’t need to understand it, but if you want to employ it for greatest benefit, you need to know how to generate the results you intend. Rhonda explains all that.

You are meant for great things. Your life is one of unlimited potential and unconstrained opportunity. Well-being and goodness are the fundamental states of this nature. The overwhelmingly positive force of life is love. As a creative being life doesn’t happen to you, life responds to you. The difference between a beautiful, bountiful, loving existence and anything less is the degree to which you align with and leverage the power of love.

The means by which you access the ultimate force is through feelings. As a law of life is, you get what you give, if you want to receive good feelings and experience positive circumstances you must give good feelings. These in turn create and attract positive circumstances.

Rhonda defines the creation process in three steps: imagine, feel, and receive. Imagination is the means to address a desire. From an impulse of want the imagination projects a condition to satisfy that desire. The projection itself creates the condition. Once the imagination creates, the task is left to the body to feel. By feeling love for the object of desire an individual attracts that circumstance into his or her life. All that remains is receiving.

The key to the creative process is to feel as completely as possible. To immerse yourself in the sensation of loving with complete acceptance, complete awareness, and complete satisfaction. Loving without condition is pure magic. Imagination creates, feeling attracts. Since you are one with the energy, the substance of the universe, what you desire and focus on is drawn to you. The more positive energy you are able to focus on a condition the more quickly you encounter that result.

Believing the truth that we are one with all that is and that what we desire we truly possess, already in time and space, is the most difficult challenge you and I face creating. Instead of acting with unwavering faith we doubt, grow anxious and cling to well worn circumstances. By our misgivings we create a less than ideal life – we create a realistic, expected, sometimes pain-filled existence. We do this even though we possess the ability to produce grand dreams, magnificent visions, and exhilarating circumstances.

Most of us struggle to believe we can in fact wield the power of God – we can create something from seemingly nothing. So instead of embracing the power, instead of reveling in the bliss of love, we resist. And the more we resist the more we attract negative conditions.

You choose your own path. You choose your own experience of life. Gratitude is the great multiplier. Gratitude keeps you connected with supreme power. Since you get what you give, change only comes when you alter what you give.

If you are having trouble sorting the good from the bad, trouble maintaining positive feelings, then draft a “checklist of love.” Refer to your checklist daily to remind yourself of all the things you are thankful for. Stir within yourself sensations of love for those items on your checklist and you will come to experience more love.

Money, relationships, and health are all drawn to you in the same way. You have the reins, you hold the power to make your own life. Life is magical. Ask to experience the magic. Seek to find the magic. Embrace feelings of love to make the magic. The power is in you. Your life is your opportunity, your canvass of expression, your chance for giving.

In giving you receive, so choose to give unconditional love and you will live an amazing life. You have the power, use it.