Quit Nail Biting

Nails are one of the most fragile and delicate parts of the human body is usually seen to be either shaped by nail files or like some people choose, well to keep it short with their teeth. This habit was never and never will be accepted by society and people who have such a habit will resort to nail biting at the drop of a hat.

Various reasons that cause a person to start biting nails are tension, panic, worries and many more. The habit of nail biting in the field of science is termed as “Chronic Onchophagia”. This habit of nail biting is common amongst the male as well as the female gender and the reasons for it are found very similar in most cases. This habit is usually generated when a person may find that they are position as unstable amongst many unknown people and find themselves out of place in the crowd. The habit of nail biting is also seen in infants especially when they are thinking deeply about something or trying to concentrate on a topic. This habit is not a harmful habit but many a times may give a wrong impression about a person. It is by and large believed that nails are bitten when a person is not sure or nervous about something. This is not totally correct, as there may also be many other medical reasons for a person to get into this habit. One may also bite nails in order to signal that he or she is hungry. Nail biting is also said to be a symptom of oral fixation. Excessive nail biting also destroys the delicate and sensitive skin around and near the nails and then one’s fingers may tend to look very ugly.

This habit is most common between the age group of twelve years to twenty years as during this period of growth there are many thoughts running in their minds. There are many side effects of nail biting, one of the most important effects being the transfer of bacteria, which is present deep in the nails to the mouth. Study has shown that nail biting may also be a fatal habit if such a person works with metals or with soil, cement, and other forms of soil.

Hypnotherapy is one way of resolving this issue and help a person stop nail biting but, many people avoid the same thinking it would be a complete waste of time and money and think that they will be able to stop their habit on their own which is seen very rarely. It isn’t as easy as it sounds and that’s precisely the reason why you are still biting your nails. In order to save time and money for one who is addicted to this habit there is the option of availing of hypnotherapy for nail biting available online. All one needs to do is give some time for downloading the content and follow instructions. There have been many cases of nail biting which are resolved due to this therapy.