How To Get Everything You Want With What You Have

It is amazing how many people wander through life expecting that fulfillment and happiness will one day just fall into their lap. It’s as though if you work hard and sacrifice you will one day receive the reward like it’s a prize. The stark reality is that this is never what reality looks like, and if you don’t believe me ask any one over 60 years of age about whether or not they have found their reward for their life work. Successful living doesn’t just come to those who deserve it or those who have want it. It comes to those who seek it and get it. You are the one who is ultimately in control and responsible for your life. By taking responsibility for your life you can get everything you want to have.

Taking responsibility begins by accepting your successes and defeats. It is about having a plan of action and its about learning from your setbacks so that you can readjust your plan. It is often said that if you don’t have a plan then you have planned to fail. This is often so true in every respects of your life. If you want to start getting what you want you need to decide what exactly that is. Otherwise how will you ever know when you get it that it was what you wanted.

Once you have a plan you need to start to work on your intention. Your expectations of your outcome will have a dramatic influence on whether you will be successful or not. If you expect success, prosperity and abundance in your life then that is what you are going to get. If on the other hand you expect hardship, hard work and obstacles then that too can be arranged. You might be thinking who in their right mind could possible want to create an intention of hardship or pain in their life. The reality is that many of us do and therefore explains the reason why we are where we are at in life. If you say to yourself “This is hard, why aren’t I smarter, or I’m so frustrated then you are intending more negative scenarios to be played out in your life.

There is tremendous power in your thoughts and therefore your intentions. Begin today to watch your intentions. If you catch yourself thinking negative, immediately negate it in your mind by saying “No” and then repeat a positive intention in its place. This is might be difficult to do at the start but you will eventually get on top of it in no time.

Once you overcome your negative thoughts and intentions its time to start reinforcing your positive expectations through visualization. Visualisation is a great tool to create in your mind what you want in life before it actually happens. In effect you, because you are continually focusing on what you want your mind will help filter out things in your life that will help you to get it for your life. A great way to do visualization is in the morning before your day starts and in the evenings before you go to bed.

To visualize simply find yourself a quiet spot and pick a goal you are working towards. Visualise the moment that you have attained. Clearly see in your mind that moment, are you with other people, where are you and see clearly your emotions and responses. The more clear and emotional the experience the stronger your minds intention of making it a reality.

By habitually doing the above exercises you will in short order find that you will start to see immense progress in your goals. Enjoy the ride.