Emotional Intelligence – Your Inner Voice!

The idea of getting in touch with yourself to help with EQ is really catching on in various fields in the self help category. When we experience something first hand in life, we have emotions attached to the memory. Emotions can be negative and positive. A successful person is one who is well in control of his or her emotions and uses their energy for positive actions.

In more than one sense, emotions define our personalities to a large extent. When we react to our emotions we react differently to how some body else may have. Our emotions are unique to every individual, and so are our reactions to those emotions. So, emotions do define who we are. When we use our emotions to get positive energy out of them, we succeed in life and when we let our negative emotions determine our actions, there can only be failure in life. So, emotions are the tools that we need to use to define our lives.

Emotional Intelligence or EQ can be divided into self awareness, self esteem, self motivation and sensitivity among others. How we handle these issues within us determine the level of happiness we can get, to a large degree. For you to be able to improve your emotional intelligence you will need to work individually on these key areas mentioned above. One of the first areas you should work on is increasing self awareness. You are the best person to judge what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong. Self awareness can be a great source to look for feedback when something’s going wrong.

Meditation is a great idea if you want to get to know the inner self better. Yoga could be a beginning of this process, as any one practicing it will tell you. Close your eyes and just let the thoughts flow through your mind. Do not make judgments and do not let the flow of thought stop, let it just be there. When you have practiced doing this, then you will start to get into the realization phase where the answers to your questions will begin appearing in your thought process. Peace, quiet and patience are very important for one to be able to meditate well.

Once this kind of meditation has helped you get connected with the inner you, you could now try and get a total control over your emotions. Emotions on their own can never be negative; it is our reactions in action to those emotions that could be negative. Try and get a positive action out of every emotion that you feel, and you will have a happier life no doubt. A person who is able to practice the issues mentioned in this article, would have true understanding of happiness and content.