Champions Pay The Price

This is one thing that differentiates winners from losers in this game of life. It’s a universal principles that applies across the board in every worthwhile endeavor. What are you looking to achieve this year? Have you sat down and counted the cost, do you know what price you have to pay to achieve it? Are you committed to paying that price? You see, paying the price is not always fun, but because champions realize it’s the only way to reach their goal, they go ahead and pay it anyway.

Those who lose in life avoid paying the price because it’s too much of an inconvenience. It’s not fun. These same people make excuses to justify their unwillingness to pay the price for success. For such people, the process is too much to ask. Champions on the other hand, focus on the destination and consider the process as a temporary journey that’s necessary to get them there. You are a potential champion. You’ve got what it takes to do what Tiger Woods, Bill Gates and Oprah are doing, and even more.

You’ve got to be willing to pay the price for your success though. Are you? Or do you just pay lip service to it? Ball’s in your court. You can finish this year much stronger than when you started, if you get your act together, decide what you intend to achieve, count the cost of achieving it and then start now to pay the necessary price. Remember, you’re bound to pay a price one way or another. It’s either the price of disciplining yourself to succeed, or it’s the price of regret for failing to succeed. Why not choose the path of champions today? You’re already one on the inside anyway. Let the champion in you out! Champions pay the price. Remember that.